Reality Check: It’s Never Going To Be Easy

I got some good advice the other day to start tracking and sharing my own experiences more. It’s important to me to be real with anyone following me and to relate with my clients, as we are all in this same journey together. So, here is what I’m working on right now:


  • 123 lbs
  • Body fat:
    • Scale: 20.4%
    • Omron: 18% body fat    (I like to check both because neither are 100% reliable)

Goal: 16% body fat by June 1     (I don’t really have a goal weight. I’m looking more for body composition changes)

What I Am Doing: For the past month I’ve been working with a coach online – I’ve quickly realized I’m going to learn WAY more from other trainers than I did even in the 6 months of textbook studying I did for my certification. It has been great so far to have someone else figuring out my macros and a workout routine for me. It saves me some time, and the accountability has been a game changer. We do bi-weekly check ins that have been keeping me focused since I have to send both a weight and pictures. I’m doing strength circuits 5 days a week, with cardio whenever I can (but being sure to get 1000 calories in throughout the week), and adding an ab workout 2 of those days.

And I feel great, but it has been tough mentally, almost like starting over. We have been doing a lot of trial and error to figure out what works best for me, and a result, I’m not getting the “instant results” I had in my brain. I have gotten good at feeling differences in my body that the scale may not show – bloating, fatigue, etc. The first two weeks of the new program, I felt…fluffy. I was eating more than I was used to, and although I didn’t gain any weight from it, I didn’t feel like my best self. So we backed off the carbs a little and I feel way better today, the second check-in day.

Yet my weight and body fat are still almost exactly the same.
Well I gave myself about 10 minutes of self pity and then put on my bad-ass females playlist and had an epic shoulder workout. Because I realized I need to listen to my own advice that I give new clients. You have to be patient and find what works best for your body, but most importantly, be consistent and trust the process.
I wanted to share this with you all because I know with so much social media and sales pitches in the fitness industry today, everyone expects a solution that is easy and fast. So I wanted to remind you that it’s not easy for anyone. The people getting the results are working their butt off, and we shouldn’t forget that. You won’t always have the motivation so you need to have discipline and keep your sights on that goal no matter how you are feeling that day. Drop the excuses and GET IT DONE!

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