What Do You Want to Happen?

I was recently watching one of my new favorite businessmen on YouTube – Gary Vaynerchuck – talk with one of his new employees about his expectations for his own future. He posed one simple question: What do you want to happen?

The employee was a little taken aback by the broadness of the question; He asked, with my creative projects? Or just life in general?

And Gary said, “Sure.”

This got me thinking about what my answer would be to that question. I would probably react similarly if this question was asked to me, and I realized that is something I should have an answer for.

I began to think, what do I want to happen? Why am I doing what I do every day? What do I want my life to look like in 10 years, and why is that important to me?

So here I am, attempting the daunting task of declaring my goals for my whole life. I tried to narrow it down to a few broad goals, because if I wrote down every thing that popped into my head, you all would be exhausted. But here are my main ideas I want my future to be focused on:

I Want To Make Someone’s Life Better

Ideally more than one, but this is the basic idea. Whatever it is that I spend the most time on during my day, I want to be positively influencing someone’s life. I want to help them achieve something they were struggling with on their own. And I want to offer an easy solution to a problem that is causing unhappiness in their life.

I am working on finding my best path to achieve this influence. It is important to me not to force myself to become who I think I should be, but rather use my own personality and talents to reach out to people. My biggest dream is for people to relate to my journey and feel that they can reach out to me for help.

I Want My Time To Be Mine 

I would love to say I am doing this purely for self-less reasons, but that just wouldn’t be true. One of my biggest frustrations in my life right now is that I am spending 40 hours a week (at least) building someone else’s dream. I don’t feel like I am helping anyone except maybe filling a few people’s pockets, and I often feel that I am wasting a large chunk of the hours in my day.

I want to own my time. This doesn’t necessarily mean I have to work for myself or don’t want to have to work, but I want to at least be spending my precious hours doing something I care about for a cause I believe in.

I Want To Become Stronger

I mean this both physically and mentally. I have truly become addicted to challenging myself and proving to myself that I can do things. I never want to settle, but to always be happy with what I have while I am working on my dream.

I Want To Do What I Love

Most importantly, I want to have the courage to continue pursuing my passion even through all the obstacles I have faced and will continue to face. There are so many little voices that sneak into my head:

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just…”    “But you went to college for…”    “Maybe this just isn’t for you…”

But I am determined to never let those voices drown out my passion. There is no reason for someone to give up doing what they care the most about just because of money, your current lifestyle, or what anyone else says to you.

Most things in life are temporary. If you don’t like where your life is at, change it. It doesn’t matter what you did 5 years ago, or even yesterday. Every day is a new day that you should be spending building the life you want. And never give up on that dream.


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