Stronger By Summer

6-Week Transformation Challenge           Stronger By Spring Starting Monday, April 9th!

Spring is right around the corner!! Time to get refocused on those health goals and push yourself to the next level. Join me for this 6-Week Challenge and learn how to build a healthy lifestyle, and get some amazing results in the process!

35$ Entry Fee

Whats included:

  • Full workout schedule with 3 difficulty levels, includes strength training and cardio
  • Personalized meal plan based on your goals and body type
  • Weekly emails with healthy recipes and meal prep ideas
  • Access to our Facebook support group
  • One-on-one coaching throughout the challenge
  • CASH prize for the best overall transformation!


Please fill out the form below, or email for more information

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Custom Personal Training Packages

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan: 100$ per month
    • Macros calculated for your needs
    • Daily meal plan based on foods you enjoy
    • Substitution guide for other foods you like
    • Adjusted weekly to ensure progress on your goals
    • Weekly check-ins for accountability and plan updates
  • Personalized Workout Guide: 75$ per month
    • Workouts specifically tailored to your fitness goals
    • New routine every 4-6 weeks to prevent a plateau
    • Includes strength training, cardio, HIIT
    • Length and intensity based on your specific needs, resources, and schedule
    • Biweekly check-ins and progress pictures
  • Combo (Best deal!) : 150$ per month
    • Full personal training package, ensuring you the best results possible
    • Includes both a personalized nutrition plan and workout guide
    • Weekly check-ins and progress pictures
    • Daily email access for any questions or concerns